Tired of Getting Screwed Over by ADT?

Here is the goal of our blog:

1. Show the public how ADT conducts it’s business

2. Get enough people together to get an attorney to take the case on contingency and get our money back!

3. Increase awareness in the media on how ADT conducts it’s business

ADT came to our house and showed us different alarm panel options.  I chose the pulse system. Richard Castro was the salesman and showed me various pictures of panels and keypads.  When they installed the old, out of date, possibly used, old fashioned looking keypad I contacted Richard to find out why it was not the digital keypad that he showed me pictures of and said would be installed. He told me this old keypad would work better than the digital one.  This was an obvious case of bait and switch.  He agreed to upgrade them, but tried to raise the price by 50% from the original quote. Stating it was more work than he thought.  After discussing it, I agreed on a 25% increase in the price just because I had gone so long without an alarm.  My alarm was working before they came, but he sold me on the digital panels, the cameras that were never installed and being able to operate it from my cell phone.  You would think that when you use a big company they would have credibility and integrity.  This turned out to be a total scam.  We have been trying to get a hold of someone at ADT, no one will call us back. 

Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit, contact us 310-471-2600.

Let’s show them what it feels like to be taken advantage of!



4 thoughts on “Tired of Getting Screwed Over by ADT?

  1. I have never dealt with such a haphazard and unprofessional organization. They are incredible. I am still fighting some charges that keep appearing on my bill. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. ADT lied to get me to get there system. They told me i wouldn’t be charged anything until the date i specify. I was charged two very high charges with in 24 hours of activation. Charges that i wasn’t told about. I’m very angry and would like something to be done about the way they do buisness.

  3. I agree that a class action lawsuit would be brilliant against such a terrible dishonest company. I am a new home owner and the sales rep shows up one night at around 8pm and makes the claim that we can cancel anytime within the first 6 months with no additional charges (I have never had an alarm and wanted to try it to see if i liked it – I DONT AT ALL). He talked quickly and explained quickly what the pages of the contract said so I didnt read it (my mistake admittedly) but he completely lied. we tried to cancel after 2 weeks (the same installer came out 3 times and took for ever and couldnt figure anything out) when we tried to cancel they said that what the salesperson stated was wrong and we would have had to cancel in first 3 days. now they wat $1200.00 in termination fees. neither the installation company or ADT will waive the fees and honor what the sales person claimed. I am sending a message to the link on the other site as well and am filing compaints against both ADT and Integrity Alarm out of Fullerton with BBB, CA dept of consumer affairs, orange county DA, FTC and anyone and everyone else i can try. you can email me at coryriley@gmail.com if anything comes of this or I can do anything to help

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